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Greenfields Turf offers extreme durability through proprietary patented woven technology, boasting industry best manufacturer’s warranties.

Shaw Sports Turf

Shaw Sports Turf has been a demonstrated industry leader for quality and innovation for more than two decades.



Application: Football, Multi Sport
The name says it all. This turf is engineered for the demands of football and multi-sport fields. Its ruggedness comes from a blend of fibers woven into dense construction that holds up under the most brutal conditions. Ironturf comes with a 10 year warranty.


Application: Football, Multi Sport
Mammoth Sports Construction’s proprietary turf technology offeris the beauty of natural grass and the dependability of synthetic design.


Application: Football, Multi Sport
“Replicated grass” with the added benefit of low surface temperature, GeoGreen is configured with dimensional stability perfect for a wide variety of activities.


Application: Football, Soccer, Baseball & Softball, Lacrosse, Indoor. Multi Use
ALLSPORT Ultra is a combination of diamond shaped and XP fibers. ALLSPORT Ultra with 365 microns can withstand frequent use for many years. Together with the extraordinarily durable XP fibers, this system provides the ultimate combination of advanced performance and durability with a natural visual appeal.


Application: Football, Soccer, Baseball & Softball, Lacrosse, Indoor. Multi Use
Diamond technology is a breakthrough in polymer processing. It provides turf fibers with unprecedented split resistance. Designed as diamond-shaped fibers with a ribbed surface, ALLSPORT Diamond is the most advanced, ultra-durable turf fibers with high resilience and increased comfort and safety.


Application: Football, Soccer, Baseball & Softball, Lacrosse, Indoor. Multi Use
Offers superior playing comfort with a natural appearance and soft surface for players. The most advanced fibrillated fiber currently available, ALLSPORT XP is manufactured by means of a patented slit-film extrusion process involving a narrower fibrillation pattern than other fibrillated synthetic turf fibers. Designated a “long slit” or “parallel” type fiber, XP’s unique properties result in a grass fiber with enhanced durability and increased comfort and safety.


Application: Football, Soccer, Baseball & Softball, Lacrosse, Indoor. Multi Use
With a high stitch rate and low pile height, XPnf turf combines a unique blend of durable XP slit film fibers and TX monofilament fibers. This unique blend of fibers creates a playable system that allows it to be used with minimal to no infill. Less shifting than other portable surfaces allows for increased traction


Application: Football, Soccer, Baseball & Softball, Lacrosse, Indoor. Multi Use
Premium construction offers a natural appearance with no glare under the lights. Monofilament and slit film fibers provide superior ball control, fiber rebound, and dimensionally stability underfoot.


Application: Football, Soccer, Baseball & Softball, Lacrosse, Indoor. Multi Use
Shaw’s best selling product that provides a great balance of traction, foot stability, and aesthetics. With a high amount of ounce weight, this turf is visually appealing with controlled infill flyout.


Application: Football, Soccer, Baseball & Softball, Lacrosse, Indoor. Multi Use
Designed specifically for baseball performance, TruHop’s revolutionary design mirrors a grass surface for playability and performance yet provides durability far beyond natural grass.


An important component of any field that players won’t ever see, but they’ll feel. Shockpads are installed before turf, and provide safety and promote speed. Shockpads also help fields drain quickly.


A major source of support for the artificial fibers of turf, infill provides consistency throughout the field and helps turf bounce upright after it’s been played on. The type of infill you’ll want depends on how you plan to use the field. We will help you pick out the best infill for your field.

Landscape Turf

Our bulk sourcing allows us to provide landscaping turf to installers at an excellent price.


Get a great looking natural surface in no time at all. We offer sod rolls and installation.

Free Used Turf

You can help us practice environmental stewardship by giving old turf new purpose.

Free used turf can be picked up at our facility by scheduling with us in advance. A forklift or skid steer is required for unloading because the rolls are extremely heavy.

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You may request turf from a specific field, but we cannot guarantee its availability. Colors and markings are random and do not come with a guarantee.

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Kansas Turf
Kansas Turf is an industry leader in sports field construction, national cemetery renovations, and golf course installation. Founded in 2008, the company has grown exponentially because of its commitment to delivering the highest service and the best quality. We are big enough to complete any job, but we are small enough to give each job 100% commitment.

Golf Courses

Our golf course division is led by an elite crew of golf industry professionals with decades of experience and state of the art equipment. We are certified installers of Better Billy Bunkers, a patented system that provides excellent drainage and enduring stability in golf course bunkers.


We provide bulk turf to landscaping companies at an excellent value. Call us for details about the three lines of landscape turf we offer.

Cemetery Renovation

We’re proud of the attention to detail we devote to renovating these national monuments across the country. It’s an incredible honor to restore tranquil beauty to the resting places of our fallen heroes.

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